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Here you’ll find digital resources for every aspect of your vegan lifestyle, created by me and by other creators in the vegan/plant-based world. Vegan meal plans; printable templates; vegan recipe e-books. PLUS: a nutritionist-developed guide for going vegan; and a complete marathon training plan for vegan runners.

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Vegan Meal Planning Blueprint (3 Weeks)

Vegan meal plan for 3 weeks

Get 3 weeks of family-friendly vegan dinners figured out for you! Each week includes recipes, shopping lists, prep schedules, etc.

All recipes have been tried and tested by my family many times over.

Vegan Meal Planning Starter Kit

Vegan meal planning starter kit templates

Get your meal planning under control with these printable templates: a weekly menu, grocery shopping list, food prep plan, recipe ingredient tracking sheet –9 templates total.

Each template comes in 2 color versions.

7 Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipes

7 Vegan Breakfasts e-book - 1

Enjoy healthier vegan versions of breakfast foods you’ve known and loved since before you went vegan (my family requests them for breakfast all the time!).

These are exclusive recipes – you won’t find them on the blog!

Vegan Meal Planning Blueprint (2 Weeks)

Vegan Meal Planning Blueprint mockup

The 2-week version of my 3-week Vegan Meal Planning Blueprint. Perfect for if you already have my free 1-week meal plan sample.

Includes all the features from the 3-week meal plan – recipes, shopping lists, prep schedules, etc.

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Digital Resources I Recommend


Want to go vegan without sacrificing your health?

While I love guiding people towards a vegan lifestyle, I acknowledge that I’m not a trained nutrition professional. If you’d like to have a real vegan nutritionist to “show you the ropes” of going vegan in a healthy and sustainable way, check out the Vegan Starter Kit created by a certified vegan nutritionist.

Vegan Starter Kit Layout

This starter kit is chock-full of information you’ll need to successfully transition towards a vegan lifestyle. Plus, it comes with an e-cookbook with 40+ delicious plant-based recipes, a dietician-approved 14-day meal plan, a restaurant guide, printable cheat sheets, and much more!


Thinking about training for a marathon as a vegan but aren’t sure where to start?

You probably have more questions than answers: How do I avoid injuries? What should my diet be like? Where would I even find the time to train?

My friend Matt from No Meat Athlete created a fantastic marathon training roadmap plan where he covers everything you need to successfully run a marathon while eating plant-based.

How to train for a marathon as a vegan

Setting goals, planning your workouts, diet and recipes, equipment, self care, and much more. And of course, the exact 24-week training plan for running a marathon as a vegan.

Bonus: training plans for running a 5k, a 10k, and a half marathon.