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Welcome to Vegan Runner Eats! I am very excited that you are visiting my site!


My name is Alina Zavatsky, and I am a vegan mom, runner, three-time marathoner, weightlifter, whole food plant-based diet enthusiast, and a promoter of all things fun, healthy, useful, and creative!

Here at Vegan Runner Eats, I strive to deliver useful information for anyone who’s interested in whole food, plant-based diet, active lifestyle, and raising a vegan family.

Feel free to check out all of the main topics I cover here on the blog, and read my story of how I became a vegan.

My story has also been featured on Forks Over Knives site. Viva la Vegan recently published this interview with me about my views on being a vegan athlete. I’ve talked about my experiences of being a vegan mom on The Vegan Possum podcast.

I’ve also contributed articles to No Meat Athlete,,,, etc.

Here’s my promise to you, the reader of Vegan Runner Eats:

  • – I promise to convey the message of kindness. You are never going to feel not welcome here just because you are not a ‘perfect vegan’, or not a vegan at all.
  • – I promise to strive to inspire you, so that maybe you at least gave a thought to eating less meat/cooking at home/beginning to exercise, etc.
  • – I want you to feel better after reading my posts because no matter what they are about, they are all intended to convey a positive message.
  • – I promise to never lower my standards to shaming/bullying anyone for their imperfections because we all are a work in progress, plus there’s already plenty of negativity in this life.

All of the posts on my blog are my own and express my personal opinions and views. To maintain my integrity, all sponsored posts also reflect my personal views, so I would rather post nothing than write a bad review.

Does this sound good to you? Let’s stay in touch! Subscribe below to receive the latest posts via email, and/or follow on the social media:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send them to alina[at]veganrunnereats[dot]com, or by commenting on any of the blog posts. I’ll do my best to respond as soon as I can.