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Feeding Little Vegans

Everything about feeding vegan kids: recipes for homemade first foods; kid friendly vegan recipes; vegan snacks for kids; advice on nutrition for little vegans, etc.

7 homemade plant-based baby food recipes - baby-led weaning approved

7 Homemade Vegan Baby Food Recipes

Baby-led weaning approved!

What vegan kids eat for lunch at daycare: a typical vegan lunch I pack for my vegan toddler to bring to daycare.

What My Vegan Toddler Eats in a Day

Meals, snacks, and nutritional breakdown

What I put into my vegan toddler's daycare lunchbox, example #7

What I Put in My Vegan Toddler’s Daycare Lunchbox

20 actual lunchbox examples with pictures

Vegan parents' guide to eating out with kids

Vegan Parents’ Guide to Eating Out with Kids

How to find kid-friendly vegan food options at restaurants, reduce stress, etc.